Adoption Application & Information

Thank you for your interest in adopting with OAR! We know how exciting it is to add a new member to your family. Our adoption and foster applications are the same, as all foster homes need to be approved as adopters. If you are interested in fostering instead of adopting, please write "foster" where it asks for the name of the animal you're interested in adopting. Please click here to read more about fostering before you apply.


1. Please be sure that you've read the description posted for the dog(s) of interest to you. Different dogs have different needs, which will be outlined in the description. You can view all of our available dogs here. As outlined in the descriptions for all of our dogs, all applicants must reside within the metro Atlanta area. If you have any questions about this, please email before you spend time applying.

2. Please complete the application as thoroughly and with as much detail as possible. Failure to provide contact information for your vet(s) and landlord (if applicable) will delay the process. Please note that we do often get multiple applications for the same dog. It is our goal to place the pets in our program in the homes we feel are are the best matches for them. We do not operate on a first come, first served basis.

3. Please call your vet's office and authorize them to speak with us. Many vet offices will not release information to us without you calling to give them permission, so if you call ahead of time, this will prevent delays.

4. We are all volunteers and do our best to respond to applications within 3 - 4 days of receipt. Due to COVID-19, we are seeing unprecedented numbers of incoming applications as a result of so many people being at home. Because of this, our response times may be delayed. Please be patient with us; we process all applications as quickly as we can and do respond to all applications received.

5. We will schedule a meet and greet at the home of the applicant we feel is the best match for each dog. This is the reason all applicants must live in metro Atlanta.

6. If you have submitted an application within the last year, you do not need to apply again. Please email us at and let us know that you've applied and the new dog of interest to you. If there have been any major changes since your last application, such as a move or addition of a new pet, please provide that information in your email.

7. Applicants must be at least 21 years old.